Our Story

We’re so excited to welcome you to Tucker/Hess Productions. We (Tara and Brandon) are based in the Hollywood Hills and are thrilled we get to run this company. Years ago, this business was just a faint dream. If you had told us back in 2010 we’d be running a company that produces content for clients across the nation and feature films, well, we may have not believed you. That’s when we first met—in grad school at the American Film Institute. And, if you told us at that time we’d be married to each other, that would have been just a dream as well.

Shortly after meeting, we started creating together and sharpening our skills as we collaborated on our thesis film. We found in each other not only someone to work with, but dream with. After graduation, we got married. It wasn’t until Tara bravely suggested that we start our own business, that Tucker/Hess Productions was born. In 2014, we started serving our first clients. Soon, new branches of our business started growing, from commercials, to music videos, to digital content, to independent features. Now, several years later, here we are! Not to mention a new division of our company, Small Batch Content. We are truly grateful.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit Tucker/Hess Productions. We love serving you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments at tuckerhessproductions@gmail.com.

Many thanks,


Tara Tucker

Partner / Creative Producer / Creative Director

Tara Tucker is a co-owner and creative producer at Tucker/Hess Productions.  She was born and raised in beautiful Monterey Bay, California.  Though Tara studied fine art in her undergraduate studies, she experienced a twist of fate when she landed her first professional job in the big city of Los Angeles at Twentieth Century Fox.  While working on AVATAR, she fell in love with the craft of filmmaking as she witnessed the passion behind James Cameron, John Landau, and the staff at Lightstorm Entertainment.  After getting accepted into the prestigious American Film Institute in 2010, she quit her studio job to pursue her master’s degree.  It was there that her life changed for two reasons.  The first, she became empowered by the creative and professional tools necessary to create film (moving art).  The second, she met her husband, Brandon Hess.  During their final year at AFI, they partnered together to make their thesis film, and in the process, found in each other a divine completion. Shortly after their wedding day on January 11, 2014, they founded their production company.  Tara has produced many award winning short films, including FIRST IN FLIGHT and WILD HORSES.  She has co-produced the feature film, THE NANNY, and produced THE ILLEGAL.  Tara’s all-time favorite aspect of producing is being able to have one foot in the creative and the other in the business aspect of a project.  Tara has a true love for ‘story’ whether it’s a feature film, commercial, or music video, and believes it to be a powerful tool to communicate with the world.  She loves any opportunity to collaborate with her “savant” husband and pinches herself everyday that they’ve created this life, together.

Brandon Hess

Partner / Creative Director

Brandon Hess is a co-owner and creative director at Tucker/Hess Productions.  He was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  His childhood dream of directing movies carried him through Penn State University, and the American Film Institute, where he met his wife, Tara Tucker.  He’s always creating, whether it’s writing a song, a poem, or a movie script, or directing projects for Tucker/Hess Productions.  His short, SARAH, won the Best Short in Children’s Advocacy at the Artivist Film Fest, HONOR: PASS IT ON, won the Great American Video Contest and a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Brandon and Tara’s AFI thesis film, FIRST IN FLIGHT, won the San Luis Obispo Film Fest.  He’s directed commercials for clients ranging from HOT WHEELS to TUTIMA WATCHES.  Brandon has a contagious passion for film and believes it can make powerful, positive contributions to the world we share.  And he’s madly in love with Tara, and thinks things are undeniably better when she’s involved with a project.